My Billionaire's Baby

My Billionaire's Baby Summary

My name is Morgan and I am a full-time nurse during the week and on the weekend I enjoy going to the club with my colleagues. One night at the club I decided to leave early by myself. While I walked by an ally I'm attacked and scream for help. A stranger saves me that I later find out is billionaire Terrance Canter. He's breathtaking and I owed him even though I doubted I would ever see him again. 

But then I am invited to his VIP room at the club one night...

I only planned to say thank you again. However one thing leads to another and I ended up naked in his arms. I hadn't regretted it though. He was better than anyone I had ever slept with. So what was the problem? I had been drunk and didn't even think about using protection.

So now here I am, two months later and pregnant. He doesn't know.

Book Reviews


Poorly written and lacks common sense1 star

The story was obviously written half ass a lot of it makes no sense! Like how is it that only Morgan works but not Terrence? A lot of “common sense” background necessities to make the story good and make sense are missing. ALSO, Terrence is written poorly. The writer wasn’t consistent with his character and every time he “spoke” or was described he was basically a girl. It wasn’t realistic even in the least that’s not how a man let alone a millionaire would talk or act. Also, the fact that a condom wasn’t used during ANY of the sex scenes and him “letting loose” inside her every time is so unrealistic. There was no talk about safe sex, or them using condoms or even the possibility of pregnancy happening when a real man (especially a millionaire) would panic if they came in a girl they barley know.15


Not the best3 star

Who is supposed to make corrections. The story is okay but It was distracting when words were left out, the wrong words used and even in the wrong order in the sentence. The main male character wasn’t to my liking. Don’t like the rough language.35


Amazing5 star

I love romance. The way this romance started between them was just amazing.55


Hmm1 star

Honestly this book is just cringingly awkward moment to cringingly awkward dialogue to cringingly awkward moment.15


My Billionaires Baby.1 star

This book was chaotic, boring and had no real substance. I felt like Terrance who is suppose to be a successful businessman acted and thought like a horny teenage who didn’t work a day in his life. All it felt like a was a big mope. I wanted to fill in the character and lives. I kept waiting for what this person was about. Seemed shallow, loser type guy. He only had Braxton waiting for him.......? It was the longest book of nothing.15


Highly Recommend5 star

One of the best romance books I have ever read!!!!!!!55


Don’t bother1 star

Very superficial. Terrence came off as spoiled and kind of dim-witted. I was expecting someone alpha. I am glad the man has feelings, but I didn’t like the way he was portrayed. His character had no substance. Morgan is portrayed as a smart independent woman, but their characters just didn’t fit together in my opinion.15


Beautiful!5 star

A beautiful book that I loved and would actually read it again.55


Unrealistic2 star

Must be a very young author. I stopped reading after the billionaire bought a New York home with a swipe of a credit card!! You can’t buy real estate with a credit card! Also lots of grammatical errors.25


Horrible1 star

I did not enjoy this book what’s so ever.15

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