Trusting Jake

Trusting Jake Summary

Broken down at the side of the road, Jenna's life is like her car. In need of a jumpstart.  Workaholic millionaire Jake is all business. No pleasure. Until assisting a beautiful redhead reminds him what hereally wants. But falling in love was never in the blueprint.

What if the only person you want is the one you can never have? As the holidays approach, Jake hopes for a Christmas miracle-- because Jen and her kids are the family he's always dreamed of. Jenna will be forced to choose between a safe life and the one of her dreams. When Jake's company is threatened, she will risk everything to protect him-- even if it means exposing old secrets.  

Book Reviews


Lies1 star

Really donโ€™t like the female character and how the story drags for so long15


Trusting Jake3 star

Humorous at times, sad at times, this book gives you all the feelings of a hard fought battle to the sweet HEA ending. This is a good book that I enjoyed reading.35

Julia Kent fan

Sweet storyline!5 star

Offering hope and happy outcomes. Enjoyed it!55


4 stars4 star

Enjoyable, with lots of heart.45


Ehhh2 star

The main female character lied to much for me. She lied so much when she could have easily avoided everything that came her way. She was annoying. Wish she had a stronger female character in the book.25


Ugh2 star

It was so frustrating! She could of told him about Rick so many times and it just kept making me angry and all the details were just a bit much. Donโ€™t get me wrong, I liked the story line with the kids and all that but I wished it played out a little differently.25


Perfect5 star

What a wonderful book and well written about the things single Moms go through and pretty women in the corporate world. It draws you in to the characterโ€™s turmoil and the unraveling that secrets create. Couldnโ€™t put it down! Bravo55


Trusting Jake3 star

The story was OK, but I wondered all the way through why the children never said anything to others about their dad being dead, especially to Jake.35


Trusting Jake5 star

I enjoyed it a lot a well told story that held your attention.55


Quick read5 star

Trusting Jake has introduced me to the writer Lauren Giordano. After reading this book I am now one of her fans. This shows how strong a woman can be and how some men have strong moral beliefs about marriage.55

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