The Guardian

The Guardian Summary

It’s against the rules for a Guardian to fall in love with their mortal charge, but it’s too late for Seth, the supernatural playboy assigned to look after Genesis Green.

Because the night Genesis crawls from the wreckage of her boyfriend’s totaled SUV, just before she slips into the darkness, Seth calls out to her, promising everything will be okay. It’s this mysterious voice that pulls Genesis back from the brink, and when Seth finally steps into her world, Genesis is just as drawn to him as he is to her.

When she begins having strange visions—something she attributes to the head trauma she suffered from the accident—the Guardian Council, an otherworldly force of good, reaches out, asking for her help.

If Genesis agrees, she will engage a line of enemies stronger than any mortal has ever known, and if they learn she is helping to minimize or undo their damage, she will become their main target. Even with supernatural protection, there’s no guarantee Seth can keep Genesis safe. All he can see is everything that might go wrong should she agree to help them, and losing her would be the end of him.

Faced with an ultimatum, Genesis must choose between the Guardian she might be falling in love with and a mission that could bring her life the meaning she’s so desperate to find.

But what happens when the line between reality and the celestial becomes so blurred it’s impossible to determine who’s real and who’s otherworldly, and worse: who's good and who's evil?

Fans of the Twilight and Hush, Hush sagas will revel in this epic urban fantasy trilogy detailing a battle that has raged for millennia.

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Keywords: guardian/bodyguard romance, angels and demons, urban fantasy, paranormal love, YA coming of age, dystopian love story

Praise for The Guardian

“Intense, action-packed, and romantic in every way possible.” —A.C.

“A real page-turner.” —Francie

“Couldn't put it down. [Katie Klein] makes her books well worth reading!” —Michelle

“Amazing!” —Jamie

“I started this book yesterday, and as of tonight I've purchased and read the entire trilogy. It's a perfect YA book in length, character development, and has some nice little life lessons thrown in, too.” —Ellie

“The plot is thrilling and the characters so realistic.” —Hailey

“Will keep you reading until the very end. Crazy, fun, exciting, and imaginative.” —A-K Book Club

“Hard to put down. I highly recommend.” —Michele

Book Reviews


Great book5 star

I had a wonderful time reading this book, some parts were just so intriguing I couldn't take my eyes away from the book and ended up finishing it all in less then a day. I highly recommend this book.55


Amazing5 star

Amazing, thrilling, it brought me into a world sadly similar to ours with good and evil55


Great Story5 star

I was so captivated by The Guardian! It was absolutely amazing. The author did a wonderful job of making the reader see and feel what the characters felt or what they saw. I finished this book so fast and I cannot wait to start the second book! Great read!55


The Guardian3 star

This book was a fast read and full of cliff hangers! However I do think that the story line is a little flat and that the author was too dramatic with the writing format. I did still enjoy most of the story though.35


Was hooked!5 star

I read the book in 1 day! I absolutely will buy the second book!55


Amazing Noice5 star

Really good can't wait to read the next books!!!55


Meh2 star

Could've been an interesting story, but the characters lack depth. Also, the author's choice to leave out words made for a bizarre read. Instead of saying, "...hands around my neck" she'd say, "hands around neck." So often were pronouns left out I figured it's a stylistic thing as opposed to bad editing, but it was weird. The dialogue between the characters was not the greatest. The protagonist was annoying. I won't be moving on.25


GREAT BOOK!!!!!!!5 star

I loved the characters and how the author wrote this story. I finished this book in less then 4 hours. I couldn't stop reading. I encourage people to read.55

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