American Fascism: A German Writer's Urgent Warning To America

American Fascism: A German Writer's Urgent Warning To America Summary

Dear Democrat,

Trump will not allow fair elections in November.

He will steal the election like every other fascist dictator.

Everything he is doing right now is in preparation of that.

Trump already knows that he will not leave in November, whether he loses or not. Trump is fully prepared to burn down the country to maintain his grip on power.

His encouragement of Kyle's murder of protesters was right on message.

And so is his propaganda lie that the protesters are terrorists.

All this is in preparation of using violent right-wing mobs, a militarized police, federal stormtroopers, and the National Guard to put down any protests, when Trump refuses to leave in November.

Everything right now is a preview of things to come in November.

Trump will not leave, whether he wins or loses.

Mentally prepare yourself for that.

Mentally prepare yourself that it is up to you to defend democracy from tyranny.

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very disappointed1 star

my politics align but i have to say this is poorly written and terribly presented. the narration was a terrible idea. it is written as a wake up call to conservatives. but he takes shots at the audience throughout the book. this was a huge missed opportunity and essentially makes this copypasta propaganda. it reads like a blog post with quotes from other sources. and when i say quotes, i mean literal inline copy/pasted quotes. the only thing the author brings to the table is inflammatory rhetorical comments, again aimed at an imagined conservative reader. i’m a far left socialist and cringed throughout the whole read.15

Duck lover 27

Someone should write what cnn doesn’t want you to lnow1 star


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