Be Sarcastic

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You like to be a smart alec, but it keeps getting in your way, here's why, and here's how to make it a tool to help you.

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i love it!!!5 star

i am learning english and makes me very happy the fact that i understand mostly everything that you wrote. Thanks!!! i’m going to read all your books bc i feel that you have very interesting things to say55


Huh!2 star

Is that it!25


Sarcasm5 star

Your book is great I can wait to buy it now, just from reading a brief description of it made my day.55


Find The Sarcasm Below4 star

Real Good !45


That was fun5 star

Fun and to the point.55

Gabriela Pruneda

Genius1 star

I have never read something so candid and geared at making me understand satire. The writing style was so short and to the point, not to mention unparalleled, it made me want to practice sarcasm throughout the entire book. I would highly recommend this ebook to any of my colleagues trying to teach students about satire. Where was this when I was learning this stuff in grad school? I don't think today's satirists, or the greats who are now reading from literary heaven, can walk out with their heads held high if they ever read this work of satiric art.15


Really?4 star

Can't tell if this is a joke. Cause how will my friends like me if I'm a dick. You're a dick writer. Also I hope your other reads have more typos cause Ill probably laugh less without.45


Be sarcastic2 star

Short and sweet, with almost no actual instructions or advice on HOW to be sarcastic. If this was a high school English essay (and it reads like one), I'd give it a C, B minus at best.25


Great5 star

Loved it!55


ugh1 star


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