Best Minecraft Jokes

Best Minecraft Jokes Summary

Best Minecraft Jokes of 2018 with an awesome Steve laugh for young and old!

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Why1 star

Literally the laugh the jokes are so overrated 🙄15

Anna kate lovescats

I really get it5 star

I play Minecraft and so I get it a lot. And if you play Minecraft you will get it more then without playing it. I just love it!55

Love Being Angry

Ummm😐._.3 star

When I was sampling it I came across a joke that says if your a block of dirt I DIG YOU😐D:IDK what to say to that uhmm._. 🤷‍♀️ I don’t know what to rate so…35


Steves laugh was epic5 star

Lol steves laugh was epic make more books pls55


There was fortnite1 star

Fortnite is trash15


Good although...4 star

Good but it’s four stars cause of the Fortnite meme45

kool kat1290

The best5 star

The jokes are great I love them!!!!!!!!!55


These jokes are dead......1 star

It’s not funny at ALL. The words are spelled wrong like they put prehfeshinal instead of professional. The one where the grandmother says “I found diamonds IN MINECRAFT” is not very funny. Also, I was looking and the one where it says “but can you make my bed-rock?” Makes no since at all. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.15


I honestly don’t recommend1 star

Honestly these weren’t that funny and that laugh is stolen straight from the troll meme.Don’t forget to mention that most of these are flirts and shouldn’t be for kids especially the “I can make your bed-rock” (That is a flirt saying he can like sleep with the person). I mean this is supposed to be for kids and I tapped on this thinking it would be funny but none of them made me laugh. 90% of them are memes stolen straight from the internet and they aren’t jokes. I’m sorry but that laugh is just-. Don’t get me started on that.15

isabel calhoun lopez

It’s okay3 star

I don’t understand some of these jokes. here’s one I don’t understand, “I’m not a profesional miner but I can make your bed-rock35

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