Naughty Mummy and the Bad Anniversary

Naughty Mummy and the Bad Anniversary Summary


A mother with a hangover. Two kids demanding attention. And a husband who’s too busy to help. 

Tess has probably had worse days, but she can’t remember them. All she really wants is a strong cup of coffee and somewhere to dump her kids. Forget the anniversary!

If you’ve ever experienced a time when you wanted to lock your little darlings in the pantry for half an hour of peace, you’ll adore this lively, fun read by the crew at Mummies Anonymous. 

Will Tess get through the morning or will she end up a blubbering mess on the floor? Will her husband be her hero or her villain? And will she rise above her mother’s disapproval?

Naughty Mummy and the Bad Anniversary gives you the laugh every mother needs. 

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