Selling on Shopify: How to Create an Online Store & Profitable eCommerce Business with Shopify

Selling on Shopify: How to Create an Online Store & Profitable eCommerce Business with Shopify Summary

How to Create an Online Store & Profitable Ecommerce Business with Shopify

ATTENTION Business Owners & Entrepreneurs! Learn how to set up a profitable, online store with Shopify with Step-by-Step Instruction that the “professionals” would charge you thousands of dollars for.

Whether you already have a retail business, have products ready to sell, or are looking for a business model that you can run anywhere, this book will walk you through how to use Shopify and develop an online business where you can start profiting almost immediately!

You can build a world class online store without ZERO programming skills with Shopify - letting you focus on your business.

Don't Let Another Excuse Get In The Way Of You Building The Online Store You've Always Wanted

Shopify is the best online store building solution...period. You will be able to create an online store that rivals those of the biggest online retailers today.

In this book, you will be guided through:

- Why Shopify is the best online store builder for you
- How to design & set up your Shopify store in under 60 minutes
- How to set up and navigate all of your store's administrative tasks like shipping, taxes, and payment processing
- How to optimize your Shopify store to attract new customers and increase sale conversions

...BONUS Chapters - Profitable Business Models You Can Operate with Shopify (without having inventory) & Marketing Methods that will Increase Your Sales by 200-300%

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11/10 best book to read on the topic5 star

This book has made learning opening an online store so easy and quick to understand. I have been curious about learning about it for a while and it has done what my endless amount of YouTube and google searching hasn’t. I got a head start on learning the ins and outs of dropshipping and Shopify. It gave me some insight and tips that I may have never found out if I had not read the book. If you’re wondering how to get started with Shopify or what it even is, I highly recommend this book.55


👍👍👍👍👍👍5 star


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