Alien Kid

Alien Kid Summary

What happens when a mind-reading alien goes to middle school?

Charlie Baker is the new kid at school. He looks like any other kid, but he’s far from it, and somehow he has to fit in and not reveal his secret.

He thought it would be easy, but on the first day, he already messed up big time. Now, a girl, Maya, knows he’s from outer space, and the school bully, Caden, is out to get him. 

But Charlie has to make this middle school on earth thing work, so he’s willing to do whatever it takes–even if it means getting Caden flowers or wearing toilet clothes! 

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Alien Kid is the new, fun middle-grade series (ages 9-12) from Kristen Otte, the author of The Adventures of Zelda series. She writes funny books that parents can trust.

Book Reviews


Alien kid is also enjoyable for parents!4 star

I read this book aloud to my son every night. I enjoyed reading it, and always wanted to see what was going to happen next. There were a few spots where I thought a different twist could fit better, but it really was enjoyable overall. I liked that it was clean, where I didn’t have to worry about words or situations that may not be appropriate for my son and his age. Fun book and excited for the next one!45

Kylie and Grandma

Alien Kid by Kristen Otte5 star

Alien Kid was really enjoyable. My granddaughter and I read it together. She really liked that Charlie and his family could read minds. Besides it being a great read, it showed how people should treat each other. We are both looking forward to reading Alien Kid 2 together.55


H1 star



Fascinating story and fun to read5 star

My son is 10 years old and had issues reading. Finding books that interest him is somewhat challenging and hard. I managed to download Alien Kid on Apple’s Bookstore and got him to read it. When he started, he was somewhat intrigue by the story with the relevance in age group and situations that probably relate to him at school. He finished the first book and asked for the second to be downloaded as he felt that the story of the Alien Kid totally ‘rocks’!55


Great for kids5 star

Very good book enjoyable 👍🏻 Simply amazing55

Leija JJ

More pictures please4 star

Can you please add more pictures!!!!!! I like the book because it had a lot of emotion, it had me to the edge of my sit and I couldn’t put it down. JJ- 9yrs old45


My kids want more!!!!!5 star

My three children are in love with this book. After reading it on my phone I decided to let them. My 10 year old son likes it least he says it was to baby for him. My two 7 year old daughters loved it and wanted to read it all the time. Overall such a good book and I totally recommend it.55


Is awesome a number?5 star

My 10-year-old says this is a “Number awesome” book! I could tell he liked pretty much everything because we enjoyed several smirks and smiles together as we read about Charlie and his challenging mishaps of being a middle schooler on earth. (Somehow I think we can all relate to those days.) What time is it…? Hot spaghetti!!! It’s almost time to start Alien Kid2!55


Good start but too short.3 star

It had a nice ending with letting her end. But many of his “mistakes were too stupid to believe”. I mean I can totally believe getting idioms wrong but the expressions she used to replace them with were not realistic. But the big problem was the book was too short. But that is my personal opinion.35

Flashes of fire

The title is a good title5 star

This book is greater than great55

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