10 Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Wholesaling Rock Star!

10 Steps to Becoming a Real Estate Wholesaling Rock Star! Summary


Building a successful real estate wholesaling business is easy if you know the rules.

Getting your start in real estate wholesaling and investing doesn't require a lot of cash, good credit, or experience. You need a proven, step-by-step plan that is easy to follow and implement.

When I started in real estate, I wasn't given this plan, so I had a long and difficult struggle to find success. This plan is the result of many years of successes and failures of myself and others.

This book gives the basics needed to get you on your way to becoming a rock star real estate wholesaler!

David P. Witte is a Licensed Real Estate Instructor, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Wholesaler, Rehabber, Flipper, Landlord, Real Estate Investment Coach, and Public Speaker.

In this book, David shares the secrets that he has learned and shows YOU how to start wholesaling real estate without experience, credit, or lots of cash.

Book Reviews


Could be better1 star

Didn’t give out any information. A lot of fluff and advertisements.15


Beginner5 star

Amazing book, gave me information that others didn’t. Appreciate this book.55

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