Cryptocurrency 2021-2022: Trading Tips & Investment Strategies for Beginners

Cryptocurrency 2021-2022: Trading Tips & Investment Strategies for Beginners Summary

It can't have escaped anyone's attention: Bitcoin has taken heavy blows. Like any financial market, Bitcoin trading is led by emotion.
Or rather, the cryptocurrency investors are led by emotion and Elon Musk's recent tweets are causing a lot of FUD ("Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt").
Completely unexpected, he attacked Bitcoin on fossil-fueled energy consumption and carbon footprint. Despite the fact that this story has been debunked many times, people are very sensitive to this, and when such a big celebrity shouts something, most people believe it immediately and fear gathers around. What does this mean for the Bitcoin price and other cryptocurrencies?
Stellar Moon Publishing compiled this book to offer an insight into the best trading tips and strategies for 2021 & 2022. This book has been written by a group of cryptocurrency experts. With this book, we strive to provide you with the best-curated information on cryptocurrency trading and investments.
In this book you will learn:
•Proper risk assessment for investment opportunities
•The principles of short term and long term investments
•Profitable strategies for cryptocurrency trading
•Useful and practical tips to make a profit quickly
•The current & future crypto market perspective
If you want to get a head start with crypto investment and trading, grab your copy now!

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Awesome insight and information5 star

Great book love how detailed and easy to follow along it is!55


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Great book55


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This book is Great!! Easy to read and gave me alot of information.45

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