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An immensely important work for Muslims and anyone interested in studying world religions, THE KORAN, the holy scripture of Islam, is the record of Muhammad's teaching. Like the Bible, the influence of the Koran on the world is incalculable. But it is deep and ongoing. This accessible translation and convenient size is perfect for prayer or study.

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Prophet Amos


I would rather purchase a copy of the Koran, since this book has so many typos. It is hard to find a good free copy of the Koran. If they fix the typos, this may be a good free read.15


Not for me1 star

The Quran puts Terror into anyone Who isn't muslim . I have yet to meet any Muslims who are so closed Minded15

Isak R

Jesus is in the Koran :)5 star

Check for your self55

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Koran. English


Koran. English
The Koran


The Koran

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