Quran E Kareem - Para 2

Quran E Kareem - Para 2 Summary

This book contains the Arabic script, Urdu translation and the Arabic recitation of Quran e Kareem ( Para-2  only). The Urdu Translation is by "Fateh Muhammad Jalindhary" and Arabic recitation is by "Saad Al-Ghamdi".
The major aim of this enhanced book is to help non arabic speakers learn about the actual pronunciation by listening to the recitation of world renown Qari Saad Al-Ghamdi. Urdu translation is provided to help non arabic speakers understand the message of The Holy Quran. Translations do not completely reflect the beauty of Quranic script.
This Quran e Kareem is compiled as a book and not as an iPad application to make sure that there is no change in behavior while being run on different devices. 

No Internet connection required after the download
No Commercialization (may Allah accept our sincere offering)
Complete recitation and all the features are available 

Important Note:
The Arabic Text and Urdu translation is from an authentic source (scanned Quran published by "Noor e Hidayat"). This book has also been verified multiple times after the compilation but there always is a possibility of human error.  It is our duty as a muslim to inform the publisher if we find any mistake in the print.  

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