Can Do Japanese

Can Do Japanese Summary

Want to learn and speak real Japanese?

While most textbooks have you reading rules about the language…

With Can Do Japanese, you’ll be able to do everyday activities such as… introduce yourself, talk about the weather or your family, give your phone number, count in Japanese, and much, much more. You’ll be able to...

Communicate in various real-life scenarios — after every single lesson.
Understand Japanese culture and nuances
Understand a ton of words, phrase and grammar rules
Measure your progress with tests on JapanesePod101

Can Do Japanesegives you a real-world approach: you learn to speak and understand everyday Japanese. You can use this textbook for self-study, with a language partner, or in a classroom.

Inside, you get:

7 units, 24 lessons & 150+ pages
Japanese dialogs with translations
Grammar explanations for grammar presented in dialogs
Key vocabulary lists from the dialogue
Writing & speaking exercises Cultural insights

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