How To Write A Short Story in 7 Days

How To Write A Short Story in 7 Days Summary

How To Write A Short Story in 7 Days is an introductory toolkit for novice writers looking to take their first foray into the format. It's also useful for intermediate writers who want to hone their craft or professionals looking to expand their skill set.

This book was designed in house by the Needle In The Hay editorial team as a resource for writers competing in our weekly contests. With about 3000 short stories read, written and edited at Needle In The Hay since 2012, we think we're in a pretty good position to know what makes a great short story, and we're excited to share the love. While there's no one size fits all method for writing stories, these techniques are a great starting point. Like all skills, the more you practice, the better you get.

Contributions by:
Martin De Biasi
Jeanette Stampone
Madeline Pettet
Damon Wellspring
Talia McBride

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