Let There Be Rain

Let There Be Rain Summary

"Tobu O Bristi Asuq" (Let There Be Rain) is a collection of 41 poems of variegated tastes and flavor mostly of personal trend and characteristics by Shafiqul Islam a young Poet of great erudition bestowed with an attractive poetic vein.
As regards the choice of words I like to say that the poet was conscious enough to use the fit and concrete word to the matter he had chosen to highlights, Credit goes to him for guarding him against the use of popularly cheap or slang words. The poet has a mentionable control over his expressions and he seems to be in search of new and never images and illustrations. I also say that his expressions are of his own that he is classic in mode. He has succeeded in almost all the poems. Some of the expressions are, no doubt, the triumphed and the height of blank verse at the hand of a mounting poet in the horizon of Bangla poetry.
-- Prof. A. Noor

[Let there be rain(Tobu O Bristi Asuq) Written By Shafiqul Islam,Published By Agamee Prokashoni, 36 Bangla Bazar, Dhaka-1100.
Phone-7111332, 7110021 Mobile-01819219024]

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