McGuffey's Eclectic Primer, Revised Edition

McGuffey's Eclectic Primer, Revised Edition Summary

The flattering success of McGuffey's Revised Readers, and the inquiry for more primary reading matter to be used in the first year of school work, have induced the Publishers to prepare a REVISED PRIMER, which may be used to precede the First Reader of any well arranged series. The method pursued is the same as that in McGuffey's Revised Readers, and the greatest possible care has been taken to insure a gradation suited to the youngest children. Only about six new words are to be mastered in each lesson. These new words and the new elementary sounds are always to be found in the vocabulary of the lesson in which they are first used. The plan of the book enables the teacher to pursue the Phonic Method, the Word Method, the Alphabet Method, or any combination of these methods. Illustrations of the best character have been freely supplied, and the skilled teacher will be able to use them to great advantage. The script exercises throughout the book and the slate exercises at the close, have been specially written and carefully engraved for this Primer; they may be used to teach the reading of script, and as exercises in learning to write. In the full confidence that the public will appreciate a cheap and attractive Primer of this character, the Publishers have spared no expense to make this book equal, in type, paper, and illustrations, to any that have been issued from their Press.

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