2016 edition has 443 pages, over 18 hours of videos, 310 color pictures, 5 slideshows and 225 interactive review  questions. The 28 chapters of this book are organized into 4 parts. 
Tourism: Over 100 videos of exotic wildlife and fun places to go and see.
Business: Over 1,300 pages of PDFs from NGOs and the US, UK, EU and Panama governments explaining how to do business in Panama and its realities. Many contacts provided. Over 100 pages of facts and insights. 
Retirement: Many insights into ways Americans, Canadians and Europeans can take advantage of Panama for their retirement. Medical and Dental Tourism are overviewed and US HMOs that cover operations and procedures in Panama.
CORE: Over 53 economic reasons that Panama is Latin America’s economic star.

Book Reviews

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The case for retiring in Panama Is persuasively made5 star

Panama has so many things going for it that are not common knowledge. This book makes a logical case that panama should be on your shortlist of countries to seriously consider retiring in. US dollar economy, no central-bank to screw up the economy, a multi line subway system in Panama City, no hurricanes, a very diversified economy with the government that focuses on building infrastructure to ensure long-term economic success. Sounds boring but when you add all that other beautiful things about Panama from fishing, animals in the regular tropical attractions panama is unique and central in Latin America and worthy of serious consideration55


Great entertainment value. Panama here I cone.5 star

Read part is this on my friends iPad. My dad and I were looking for a tropical location to scuba dive and go spear fishing. We have booked our flight for panama. If I like what i see I will buy a home there as well. Panama...who would have ever thought.55

Nick of Hawaii

Best book on panama.5 star

Loved it. So does everyone I know who read it.55

Frank in panama

Very impressive! Panama's Economic Development Agency has a remarkable ebook to market Panama.5 star

The author has combined great economic research with persuasive arguments and analysis that the Republic of Panama is increasingly in a class by itself economically and for foreigners to visit and relocate. He then proceeds to explain why this makes Panama the #1 choice for American, Canadian and European tourists, retirees, expats, medical tourists and business people. I came away very impressed and intrigued by Panama...the author sells Panama extremely well. This ebook has all the latest bells and whistles and showcases Apple's new iPad and ebook technology very well. There are 32 videos of just the exotic birds of panama. A masterful job at persuasion from a skilled marketer /author. Using the latest technologies to interest and then persuade plane loads of foreigners to visit Panama and perhaps subsequently relocate is more effective on a multi media ebook than a website. Is this the beginning of a trend in travel?55

Beatriz in California

Best book on panama. Multi media gem5 star

I loved this book and I highly recommend it.55

Lady nancy of Ventura

Wow5 star

Wow, overly entertaining and persuasive.55


Great ebook.5 star

Loved it. So much for Costa Rica....Panama here i come.55

alberto matos chong

For me the best Panama guide Possible5 star

it is forme the best country guide possible cause all the details, videos, explanations, resumes and dates. Every foreigner should have this!!!!55


Fantastic ebook on Panama5 star

Wow! This book should not be free! Great information, and very comprehensive. Love the links to the You Tube videos. A must "buy" if you are planning a trip to Panama.55


Excellent Read5 star

This is an excellent, and quick read. Totally, worth it especially if your going to panama or looking to move there.55

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