The Americas North to South, Part 1: Mom! There's a Lion in the Toilet

The Americas North to South, Part 1: Mom! There's a Lion in the Toilet Summary

Early praise for the series: "Mom! There’s a Lion in the Toilet""Mom, There's a Lion in the Toilet" is thoroughly enjoyable and a must-read for travel lovers of all ages. The stories of the Anderson's fascinating cultural encounters and remarkable travel experiences are so good they're better than fiction.Andrea Phare, Communications Specialist, Elk Island Public Schools"Mom! There’s a Lion in the Toilet!" is a fun read for families and those who love world travel. The book might bring back memories of your family vacations... the good, the bad and the happenings that made great stories. In fact, after reading this delightful book, you might just start packing for your ‘round the world adventure. This book weaves in memories from the family blog, the children’s journals and the family’s recollections of a trip that has painted memories that will last a lifetime!Charmaine Hammond, Bestselling Author of On Toby’s Terms.An inspiration to all those who seek to follow their dreams and those who are struggling to find "lift-off". I can't wait to read the whole adventure!"Vicki Barnes, Christchurch, New Zealand"Mom! There’s a Lion in the Toilet" is a fascinating book that takes you on an extraordinary adventure teaching about geography, history, cultural diversity, and globalization but most of all - love for family and friends.Theresa Wells-Taylor, educational blogger, Jar of CandyRick and Lisa celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary in a way most people wouldn't dare. They packed up their four children, three of them teenagers and one a precocious six year old, and bought a one way ticket to a destination far away, letting their children lead the way.In the first continents of the 'round the world adventure, The Americas North to South follows the Anderson's as they leave Canada, stop off in the United States en route for Lima, Peru. There, they explore the heights of the Lost City of the Inca, Machu Picchu. Unbelievable tales are shared with classmates and friends back home.Pack your suitcase, and come along for the ride in Part 1 of Mom! There's a Lion in the Toilet, based on the true-life extraordinary adventures of 6 Andersons 1 World.To be released Fall/Winter 2012 in ebook format:Part 2: Whirl across EuropePart 3: Gasp! The Middle EastPart 4: Southeast Asia for the HolidaysPart 5: Off to the Land of OzPart 6: Paused in Polynesia

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