Taxmann's Income Tax Rules

Taxmann's Income Tax Rules Summary

Taxmann’s Income Tax Rules covers the annotated text of the Income-tax Rules, 1962, in the most authentic, amended & updated format.<br>
The Present Publication is the 58th Edition & Updated till Income-tax (Eighth Amendment) Rules, 2021 with the following noteworthy features: <br>
•[Bestseller Series] Taxmann’s series of Bestseller Books for more than Five Decades<br>
•[Zero Error] Follows the Six Sigma Approach to achieve the benchmark of ‘Zero Error’<br>
•Coverage of this book includes: <br>
o[New Return Forms & Revised Rules and Forms] <br>
o[New Rules relating to Charitable Trusts] <br>
oAll Rules and Schemes, which are either notified under the Income-tax Act or are referred to in different provisions of the Income-tax Act, are covered<br>
oContains 23 divisions covering all Rules relevant under the Income-tax Act i.e., <br>
Income-tax Rules<br>
STT Rules<br>
Equalisation Levy Rules<br>
Small Saving Schemes, etc. <br>
•[Action Points] All Forms Carry Action Points that explains the Relevant Provisions and Process of Filing<br>
•All Redundant and e-Forms are Marked for Quick Identifications<br>
•The contents of the book are as follows: <br>
oIncome-tax Rules, 1962<br>
oIncome Computation and Disclosure Standards<br>
oIncome-tax (Appellate Tribunal) Rules, 1963<br>
oCommodities Transaction Tax Rules, 2013<br>
oSecurities Transaction Tax Rules, 2004<br>
oEqualisation Levy Rules, 2016<br>
oProhibition of Benami Property Transaction Rules, 2016<br>
oIncome-tax Settlement Commission (Procedure) Rules, 1977<br>
oCapital Gains Accounts Scheme, 1988<br>
oIncome-tax (Dispute Resolution Panel) Rules, 2009<br>
oAuthority for Advance Rulings (Procedure) Rules, 1996<br>
oReverse Mortgage Scheme, 2008<br>
oTax Return Preparer Scheme, 2006<br>
oBank Term Deposit Scheme, 2006<br>
oReduction of Wavier of Interest under Section 234A/234B/234C<br>
oDelay in Filing Refund Claim<br>
oCentralised Verification Scheme, 2019<br>
oFaceless Assessment Appeal & Penalty<br>
oSukanya Samriddhi Account Scheme, 2019<br>
oSenior Citizen’s Savings Scheme, 2019<br>
oKisan Vikas Patra Scheme, 2019<br>
oPublic Provident Fund Scheme, 2019<br>
oNational Savings Certificates (VIII Issue) Scheme, 2019<br>
oCentralised Processing of Returns Scheme, 2011

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