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Story Summary:
Mat the Rat gives Sam the Lion a cape and a crown. When Sam wears them, he thinks he can do anything he wants. He sees a calf and decides to play “bullfighter.” It is Sam, however, who gets caught in the cape. Mat helps untangle Sam, and Sam once more is king of the jungle.

"Sam" is the second book in the series of beginning readers from story is read along so your child can listen to the text or read independently. This story is geared toward children grades P-3.

Reviewed Sounds in Book 2
/a/  /m/  /s/

 Review Words
I, see, Sam

About the Reading Teacher series. The 100 books in the series use systematic phonics to ensure that your beginning readers will get a great start in reading proficiency. The books begin at a very simple level and gradually introduce new sounds and words until students have mastered all 44 phonemes (sounds) in the English language. For more about the series and additional teaching and learning material please visit

Book Reviews


Works Perfectly5 star

I don't understand why someone would think the series is not working correctly! It's working perfectly and thousands of children are learning to read with it.55

Jackie Russell-Garcia

Sam1 star

This series is not working correctly15

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