Alternative to Darwinism and Creationism Based on Free Will

Alternative to Darwinism and Creationism Based on Free Will Summary

Do we have free will? Answering this question using logic drives us into paradox. Instead, the author takes us to a world where people know they really do have free will. As a result their science takes a different direction, leading them to an evolutionary theory totally different from ours. In this theory, is there intelligent design? Yes. Is it the work of a supernatural agent? No. Instead, through an audacious surmise, the author arrives at a theory of evolution close to common sense, that supports traditional thinking about the self. Who should care? Anyone whose work affects the opinions others have of themselves. And the humanities generally, under threat from encroachment on their turf by the sciences, all of whose specialties depend on traditional notions of free will. This ingenious story can serve as a model for how the balance between the arts and sciences can be reset.

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Self Help1 star

I think they went with this title just to get placed in with serious science. First, this does NOT have an origin of life idea fully explaned, and isn’t even as scientific as creationism (yeah, I said it). This book is what happens when you let people self-pubish without any kind of review process. I would be stunned to see it anywhere in print. 5 stars for showing the problems with ebooks!15


Free Will: The ability to misunderstand1 star

This is a silly book that relies on an uninformed reader in science. Like many of its kind, this book places words in the mouth of science and then based on misconception and outright falsehood makes outrageous claims and draws unfounded conclusions. Straw man arguments are used throughout the text. This author misunderstands current thinking on free will from a scientific perspective. His conclusions flow from his misunderstanding. Evolution and natural selection have not been disproven. The debate over free will continues as neuro science becomes a new and exciting development in our age. Fresh science based ideas subjected to scientific rigor are open to debate and research. Nevertheless, read this book look into the ideas. Research via independent inquiry of available data and draw your own conclusions. Do not base your knowledge of a point of view on its critics. Look into original sources for validation of a belief. Take things from the horses mouth directly. extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.15


It all right4 star

All atheists are communist! This nation (USA) is a Protestant country. Capitalism won over Communism ok??! Get it!45


Dribble1 star

Silly dribble. Not worth the time.15

mother if all

Bull****1 star

Another quack that thinks Evolution has been proved wrong.15

Human nature is evil

If you're looking for answers1 star

This is not it. The "intelligent genome with free will" described in this book is another entity that could be perceived as a "god", with the ability to create new evolutions and species, and such, what superior intelligence does it have to determine what gets changed and what stays the same. As an atheist, this book is totally nonsensical. The human conscience is the only thing on this planet that needs an answer to the question where did we come from. If a "god" did indeed exist and created everything we see, I assure you it has abandoned this planet in pursuit of other interests. Btw, there are quite a bit of typos in this book. Is that a glitch in iBooks or the publisher?15

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