Cambridge IGCSE Biology: Cells

Cambridge IGCSE Biology: Cells Summary

Tailored to follow the CIE IGCSE Biology specification, this iBooks Textbook, produced by the Stephen Perse Foundation, covers the “Cells and Transport in cells” sections of the new syllabus. 

This iBooks Textbook includes:

• The structure of animal and plant cells
• Descriptions of a variety of specialised cell types
• The organisation of cells into larger structures such as tissue, organs and organ systems
• The calculations required to work out the size of a microscopic specimen
• Diffusion
• Osmosis
• Active transport

The text, written by Stephen Perse Foundation teacher Alex van Dijk, is enhanced by many interactive features. All interactive books include an Extension section which aims to introduce the student to materials covered at 6th form level. The accompanying iTunes U course contains exercises and places to find more inspiration.

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