The Error of the Evolution of Species

The Error of the Evolution of Species Summary

According to Charles Darwin, small genetic differences that arose in living things over the course of time transformed species into new ones—and that is how all of life came into existence.
But research in the intervening 150 years has revealed a major error. Branches of science such as population genetics and comparative biology show that there is no evolutionary family tree as Darwinism maintained. On the contrary, genetic variations within any one species never exceed a specific limit. Therefore, no species evolves into any other. One after another, all examples of supposedly evolving species have all been proven to be mistaken.
The theory of evolution, already discredited by such fields as biology and paleontology, is now undergoing an inevitable collapse. This book reveals the theory’s hopeless position in the face of the extraordinary variety of life on Earth, and demonstrates that each of the millions of different species on our planet is yet another proof of God’s sublime creation.

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