The Portrait of a Lady

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When Isabel Archer, a young American woman with looks, wit, and imagination, arrives in Europe, she sees the world as a place of brightness, of free expression, of irresistible action.

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Great book but this is a strangely abridged version3 star

This ebook ends halfway through the book.35

AJG Rendral

A portrait of a Lady4 star

I liked it very much, however, it did frustrate me not to know with whom she may have married of the characters if any. Darn!45


The Portrait of a Lady1 star

This edition is incomplete. It ends at chapter 27 , about two-thirds of the way through and leaves you dangling. Horrors!15


There's a volume 2???3 star

I thought I would never finish this book. It moves like a slug swimming in jello, and Henry James rivals Dickens for long-boring-wordy-run-on sentences (such as this one). Seriously when one sentence takes up seven lines on a full page on an iPad I'm feeling my subconscious screaming "shut up and get to the point already!" I prefer Dickens at any rate. Not sure I can drag my brain through another volume of the brilliance that is (supposedly) Isabel, the snappy Harriet, Lord Wimp-Whiny Walburton and the ummmm..deep? Osmond. Best character in the story is Mrs. Touchett who lets nothing bother her and can think for herself without a multitude of what ifs to stall her. Madame Merle makes me suspicious of her motives. She's not trustworthy, and I wish she had a smaller part in this novel, since she's mostly annoying. Maybe in volume 2 I'll find out just what she's really up to. Just don't know if I can take all the boredom to find out.35


A good one in the typical James fashion.4 star

J Newall45


The most accessible James5 star

James's flawless tale of American innocence undone by European worldliness remains a cracking good read. The worldly Madame Merle is suitably punished for her manipulation of Isabel Archer.55

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