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Bit Literacy is essential reading for anyone who has experienced "digital overload": the daily flood of e-mail, multiple todo lists, a cluttered desktop, documents in various file formats, and the constant distraction of cell phones and other devices. More than a quick fix or another "how-to" guide, this book offers an entirely new way of attaining productivity that users at any level of expertise can put into action right away. This is "bit literacy," a method for working more productively in the digital age, with less stress. Mark Hurst - who has reached hundreds of thousands of readers through his Good Experience e-mail newsletter, Uncle Mark technology guides,, and other websites - has revealed the way to survive, and thrive, in the digital age: "Let the bits go."

Book Reviews


Bit please2 star

Book is outdated as it was published in 2007. Not entirely relevant to the intrusion of technology with which today’s world presents us.25


My virus scan found phishing1 star

I truly would like to read the book, but unfortunately my virus scan found phishing attached. Please fix this and let us know when it has been fixed. I truly would like to read it.15


A good book3 star

Its a good book that helped me see a bunch of areas where I could improve and do some adjustments... I personally didnt like that the author reveals that the best tool in the market for keeping to do's, its his own app, I went further and got it for free in the Mac app store; then I realized that to really seize the app I had to pay 3 usd a month, which I felt really excesive and not justified. The app is REALLY simple (I got the idea! Trying to avoid distractions) and there are many other apps in existence far better and with no monthly payment, just the price it costs buying it (like Things for iphone, which costs 10 usd, or the Ipad version, 20 usd, or the Mac version, 50 usd), I also felt a lot of redundant, repetitive frases or ideas. But overall, I think reading this book has been great and the author really puts an effort to teach us becoming "more aware" of the bit world, and be better at managing it, which was a very new thing for me to read and Im certain it as a deep impact in our everyday lifes.35


Repeats the same thing over and over1 star

Thank goodness this was free. I made it about 1/3 way through the book. I'm amazed that one can say the same thing over and over in so many different ways. Learned nothing.15


Can this be the one?5 star

As the CEO of a startup, I am deluged with e-info and desperately need a way of sorting/working through this quagmire of media. I have read and tried to practice the GTD method, but setup and follow-through is just not how my mind works. I read this book (an easy read and the author appears to empathize with my overload situation) and plan on reading it again because I am always looking for some methodology to improve my productivity. Hopefully, this, and maybe in conjunction with GTD, along with my regular work habits, will "get it done" for me. I understand the Mac "bent" bias. I was a Windows user (totally... almost a bigot), but shifted to Mac a little over two years ago and haven't looked back - "it just works". Here's hoping (praying on bended knees) that this will do it for me. Ricky Tapper CEO, Gamification Systems55


Worth it5 star

Worth the purchase price. Worth the time spent to read it and contemplate the message, and imagine how to implement as well as share.55

Mark and Beth Jones Jr.

A Handbook for Digital Leaders5 star

Leaders have the great privilege of equipping their followers with tools to multiply their growth and development. "Bit Literacy" is one such tool, but it touches almost every area of life and enterprise. It helps leaders manage efficiently. It helps them focus on doing the technical work. It leverages capital, saves money, and is profitable. So there is no reason not to do it, to read it. But don't adopt all of these techniques--develop your own!55


Trivial1 star

Really nothing more than a bunch of advice and tips on managing your email, inbox, todo lists,etc. And not really good advice at that. Sorry I invested any time on this.15


The ONLY way to manage your digital life!5 star

I give this book as a present to my friends who have their email in-box locked down due to size. Mark really knows his stuff!55

Karlow d

Excellent Book!5 star

It helped me go from 8500 e-mails to ZERO in one week. Great ideas!55

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