All Employees Are Marketers

All Employees Are Marketers Summary

Still Think That Marketing is Just the Responsibility of Your Marketing Department?”

Think again!

The fact is ALL your employees and managers — regardless of their title, job description, level of seniority or length of service are ultimately responsible for increasing your revenues and profits.

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Informative4 star

Is not the a big book but gives you an idea of training and marketing.45


Not bad for a free version4 star

I would say the book is up to my expectation , although the formula used in describing the profit = B + BA + TTY is a bit lame . But it really stays in mind although I didn't intentionally force myself to remember it. Perhaps this is what the writer mentioned about the power of marketing in the book .45


Pretty good4 star

Is book was an easy read with good values attached. Some of the items are common sense but never stated. It helps put things Into prospective.45


Bulls eye! X marks the spot! That's the ticket!4 star

I just finished this book and I have to was great! I strongly agree with the author and his thoughts on marketing. I' am currently working retail, as well as attending school for a marketing degree and from experience plus learning in class, he is correct. Word of mouth is a strong marketing tool and also inexpensive. The real point is that employees are the real marketers and if they do their job correctly, then repeat purchases and positive WOM referrals will happen. I see it all the time at the store I work in. Trust me! I work in a store that was created by one of the decades most innovative and creative minds out here. I just hope to be as good at marketing as this guy.45


Short, sweet, and a perspective that is so true!!!!!!5 star

I have a degree in marketing, and through out 4 years of school I can say this was the most real and honest material I have come across. I have worked for a Fortune 100 company for over 7 years, and I can say this is the only way for companies to stay around these days. I'm so glad I read this book. I love how it was to the point and wasn't long winded. Thank you! Best free thing I have ever had.55

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