How to Promote Your Business (or yourself)

How to Promote Your Business (or yourself) Summary

Tips on how to reach customers through free publicity, networking, and your public image. Includes how to make news that generates media coverage, how to write a press release, where to post your profile, where and how to network, how to become known as an expert in your field, how to utilize internet marketing and what to write and speak about to attract an audience.

Book Reviews


Not worth the time2 star

This speaks of the normal social media outlook. Actually they went free.25

Pastor P.

Customer Service Representative5 star

I found the content in this book helpful and very straight to the point. I definitely Recommend it if you are looking for ways to promote your self or business55


Insightful4 star

Worth the read.45


?!1 star

This is how a "Marketing Specialist” markets herself? Why would you take cooking advice from a skinny cook?15


Useless1 star

This is so useless. So basic but not in a good way. It isn't even relevant in the real world unless you have been living on Mars and never worked here on earth. I didn't get one thing out of it. If your goal is a mom and pop store this is a good starting point. If it is something more strategic skip this and try another one.15


Kuntz sports bar and grill5 star

My husband and I are trying to turn our business into something profitable . For a while What to do. We need a little help. And ideas.55


Not a serious book1 star

The author spends a couple dozen pages promoting herself.15


Quick read good basic information4 star

Lisa gives a lot away here. Not a lot of detail but a framework of important things not to overlook. Nice section and sample on writing press releases.45


Meh.1 star

Extremely superficial. Nothing a person without basic knowledge of the internet wouldn't know. Good things it's free. Can I have the 5 minutes I wasted reading this back though?15


Great!4 star

Small and precise!45

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