Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions Summary

Illustrated by the author, this early twentieth-century work is a mock-sociological study of Flatland (the world of one dimension) and the narrator’s introduction to three dimensions.

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Flatland5 star

Incredibly creative and beautifully subtle. This man must have been a fantastic teacher. Joe Gibbons, Nelson, New Zealand55


Great read about truth5 star

A great satire about continual thinking and the suppression of learning. This is a quick read where the main thesis basically tells us that we should not be satisfied with ourselves and the status quo. We should always look to progress as people and a society through study of new things, through sciences. We should learn as much as possible and not suppress learning. Laws that suppress learning only limits our civilization instead of progressing it forward m55


A fascinating book5 star

The story of a square's life in the land of two dimensions, which is quite ordinary until one day a strange being takes him on a journey to the third dimension. This is a book that will turn your brain on its end and change the way you view society, theology, and all of reality. Recommended for high-level readers.55


Great5 star

It was very thought provoking55


Illustrations?2 star

For the real illustrations, download directly from Project Guttenberg. These are ASCII approximations. Yuck.25

August Garvey

-.-1 star

I don't like this book.15

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