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Mental Math Tricks + is an eBook that will teach you valuable mental math tricks and fun skills. Each lesson covers a useful skill for multiplying, adding, and more!

From multiplying up to 20 x 20 and squaring a number ending in 5, I am sure that each trick will prove a valuable asset in your learning process. You can also take a fun review quiz at the end of each section and in the review chapter to refresh your memory and sharpen your knowledge!

Enjoy, and please leave a review and tell your friends about this free tool!

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In cumulative review question 8 of 123 star

What is 183 x 4 = s/b C. 732 it says its wrong that it wants it to be A. 63235


Poor examples2 star

First three are not "tricks". I hate that term. They are shortcuts. Nowhere near the amount of shortcuts that are out there and the way a few of these are explained make them hard to compute mentally without knowing other shortcuts. The author touched on squaring numbers ending in 5's but not squaring 2 digit numbers that start with 5 which is just as easy. Squaring any number can be explained with one less step. And multiplying any number has much easier method not to mention many more shortcuts that were not even touched on that can be carried over to algebra.25

Wiilman Apple Fan

Excellent tool!5 star

Just sample was simply informative and fun.55


Helpful5 star

This is so helpful, it got me my electronics back after I had a C in my report card. It’s free too which makes it even better.55


helpfull book!5 star

it is amazing i recommend this book all was new for me..55


Great tool to make mental calculations faster4 star

I recommend this book for those who want to make simple calculations a lot faster than usual. Be aware of some ERRORS I found in the exercises at the end of the book: - Q #1 in the Multiply by 11 section: 11 * 39 - Q #2 doesn’t involve multiplication by 11 (don’t worry though, the answer is there) - Q#1 in the Sum of the first n terms section: the answer should be 756 instead of 759 -Q#5 of the last mentioned section - Q #1 Section of multiply by 9, 99, 999 and also Q#445


Free and awesome5 star

Great free tool to use! Highly recommended!!!55

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