Depression Summary

Depression hurts, and it's true. It hurts not only the person, but the family and other people. This short book talks about what depression is, the types of depression, and what you can do to help. It contains all the basic information and how YOU can make a life changing difference and help someone with depression.

Book Reviews


Not bad3 star

Nice little briefing on depression35


Very Good Facts4 star

Helped a lot for a small paged book.45


Very good book5 star

Honestly I love the intro into the book it explains depression in one paragraph! I definitely enjoyed it!55

hannah conn

I loved it5 star

It was great55


Thanks5 star

Thank you so much for writing this book I'm going to try to find help!55


Thank you5 star

This was really helpful55


Waste of time1 star

Pointless book!15


awesome5 star

awesome small books is there a extenders version? i want to keep ready it make me feel safe and not alone. if so and anyone who knows about a book like that please let me know. thanks55


Good read, quick and bland.2 star

I myself write about depression, I’m diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety disorder. I rather enjoyed this read, however, it seems as though the author spent very little time researching the topic, seen by the length of this piece as well as their own testament stating “today” they wrote this piece. I’ve personally suffered from this disorder for my entire life, with several attempts of suicide and a very unknown future because of it. With that said, I’d wished for more detail, examples of situations of their friends, family members, and the like, rather than a tip of the hat to them. Thank you for attempting to write about depression, your cover art is captivating.25


I was depressed now I'm not5 star

Because of this book55

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