Exploring Essential Anatomy: Part 1

Exploring Essential Anatomy: Part 1 Summary

Anatomy is learnt not taught. The study of anatomy involves the acquisition of a large amount of basic information. The use of this basic information to draw inferences from signs and symptoms is the science of anatomy and the basis of clinical medicine. 

The size of the database forming the body of basic anatomical knowledge is substantial and often leads to the pointless acquisition of irrelevant minutiae. This program has been written to help you direct your study without getting lost in these minutiae. The key to retaining anatomical knowledge is to see it in a clinical perspective – irrelevant facts or meaningless lists and numbers do not fit this principle.

Electronic aids can be very useful to the student in order to understand structures better. But nothing can compare to delving into human tissue (whether it is alive or dead).

This program consists almost entirely of human bones and dissections with important structures labelled and clinical boxes present where appropriate.

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