I Am Not Fat, I Am Just Fluffy. God's Manual On Weight Management.

I Am Not Fat, I Am Just Fluffy. God's Manual On Weight Management. Summary

God's manual for weight management. Because God doesn't want you to struggle. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, God's people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge, and free yourself from the bondage of weight issues.

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Joyful and Praise

Gods way of looking at me5 star

Excellent. My prospective altered when I ask “who told me?’55


Stolen Title1 star

There should be some major copyright issues with this as the title is a quote and entire stand up performance I believe by comedian Gabriel Iglesias. Also my God loves all his children, including fat folks!15


Weight5 star

Excellent reading... Melissa K Mitchell55


Perfect!5 star

This is exactly what I needed to hear for some inspiration on why I have been on the wrong side of healthy for so long even though I know deep down I want to be healthy all the fad diets in world don't give you this kind of insight.55


Stolen Quote much?2 star

Its a good book but, the title is a stolen quote from a comedian... So it really spoiled it for me 😕25


Great5 star

Enjoyed this short book.55


The cult strikes again1 star

This isn't from God if someone has to lie about the title and what's contained inside. Sounds like many different religions and cult practices behind this.15

The_ lin_my

Amazing!!5 star

Such an amazing eye-opener. Since I started reading, I have found myself talking about it with friends and family. To me, this book is the definition of BREAK EVERY CHAIN!55


I'm Not Fat I'm Fluffy5 star


Logos bible app

Fluffy5 star

I found this book very inspiring and look forward to reading the next one offered in the series.55

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