Managing Schizophrenia: A Personal Perspective

Managing Schizophrenia: A Personal Perspective Summary

Deals with my personal journey with the illness and what I have learnt from a personal perspective to be effective practical and philosophical strategies in dealing with the illness. It can give others suffering from the disease and well as people who have been around them with some insight into the illness.

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Add Stories about yourself5 star

This was a great read and I believe that adding more stories about yourself would be awesome. Very interesting about what you said about the brain monitoring with the voices I understand completely. Cheers55


Managing Schizophrenia A Personal Perspective4 star

I agree with this book overall and have myself found that Logic was the best way to overcome the thinking misconceptions and to place myself back on track. It is easy toget lost in thoughts and ideas especially if they are thngs you need or want to be true but the thing is do they ever really come about or do the “voices” simply just make up another excuse and use that excuse as a way to explain itself. Eventually the person will need to make a choice; do they want to continue believing or do they want the asurance of the traditionally known and understood world. I want though also to tell you it is not the end of the world but rather can be used as an opportunity to really evaluate oneself. For myself it was a way to become Human but only through many years of self evaluation and learning to think in a logical since as is according to the disease as you call it it is a mind dis ease. unproductive thinking can become productive if one can recognize the thought process and turn it around. For example when I have problems with smells and food it could be that I have not cleaned my refrigerator of oven and so my mind is playing tricks on me and once I take care of the thought problem the situation is resolved. The mind is a powerful thing and though the voices may not make since there usually is a direct reason for what is heard and being neutral is the same as giving into the dis ease it is to not take an action against the distortion and to me that is to give in and to suffer whereas to take a direct active action is to work toward resolution and thereby gaining some good measure of piece iin ones life.45


Thanks4 star

I was recently diagnosed with this disease, and have the same auditory hallucinations. Thank you very much, this is one of the few things that has helped me.45


short n good4 star

this book is right on in most aspects. only one error is shown and thats because author is athiest. he believes in no spiritual reality.45

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