Ultrasound Guided Procedures Simplified

Ultrasound Guided Procedures Simplified Summary

This simplified pictorial guide to ultrasound-guided procedures comes from years of learning how to safely practice medicine at a county residency training center in Oakland, California. The goal is to make the individual “chapters” short and simple, so that residents and faculty are successful in the procedure. The chapters are not exhaustive, and meant to be used when working in the clinical department.

Book Reviews


Stellar Resource5 star

Great for residents and attendings for quick reviews prior to procedures55

EM beginner

Amazing resource5 star

What a great bedside resource! I use it all the time to refresh my memory for nerve block landmarks. Please update and add the erector spinae block!55

ian symons

Excellent resource5 star

This book gives a practitioner the confidence to perform a wide variety of nerve blocks. And it’s made as simple as can be! This book is invaluable!55


So useful!5 star

Exactly what you want to see while performing a procedure at the bedside. High yield as it gets!55

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