History and Prophecy of the Middle East

History and Prophecy of the Middle East Summary

The next time you read about peace in the Middle East, consider the facts: For over 4,000 years, the Middle East has been fraught with cultural, political and religious violence. Much of this history is recorded in the history book almost no one relies on the Holy Bible. And what makes the Bible so unique, compared to other historical accounts, is that it is recorded much of this history before it occurred!

In this booklet:
• A Great Conflict
• The End of Persia Prophesied
• Alexander's Empire Divided
• Kings of the North and South
• Antiochus Epiphanes
• The New King of the North
• Prophecy Shifts to End Time

Book Reviews

-Dave M

History and prophecies of the Middle East1 star

A thinly veiled effort to promote a collection of supposedly biblical “facts” as history by an obviously biased writer. Not worth the trouble of downloading.15


It's a shill1 star

Don't download it, it is not a book about Middle East mythology, it is a book about the church pushing its agenda!15

Big Daddy NJ

Drivel1 star

A very lame attempt at a book worth an opinion. Don't bother with this unless you already drank the koolaide......15


Don't waste your time1 star

Read the entire 23 pages and it was boring. The info was poorly written. Don't waste your time15


Ha ha!1 star

Hahahahahaha! Aaaahhhahahaha! This is priceless fear mongering drivel!15


Middle East3 star

Undeniable prophesied sketch for ongoing glitches in middle east.35


History and prophecy of the Middle East5 star

A very great book!55

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