Finding Alexei

Finding Alexei Summary

A steamy military age-gap romance with some adventure, a couple of Russian bad guys, and more than a few funny bits

How long do you hang on to hope before you realize you're just prolonging the inevitable? I finally had to face facts, leave Florida and Alexei behind, and move on with my life.

This trip to Hawaii is supposed to help me forget about him. Like that could ever happen. So I'm probably hallucinating when I take shelter from the storm and hear an awfully familiar voice. Apparently, I'm doomed to embarrass myself in front of the man.

But this Alexei isn't the sweet, calm man I left behind…

God help me, I don't have it in me to let Mia walk away again. She doesn't know, she can't know, why I've had to resist claiming her for so long. Or letting anyone, even Mia, get a hint of how I feel about her.

Seeing her here, nervous and exposed to the elements, I'm done with waiting. She's not flirting with other men as a war games vamp. I don't give a damn whose idea it was. Only a few more weeks and the danger around me will be minimized. She's worth the risk.

Just my luck that's when everything goes to hell…

Finding Alexei is the first book in the ACI Unleashedseries but can be read as a complete stand-alone (HEA included).

Every year, ACI holds its annual summer war games to test tech and strategy (and play in the mud). This is the only book set in Kauai. The series continues with Challenging Burke when the games move to Embrace Island in the Pacific Northwest.

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Ridiculous1 star

Nothing more than stitched together sex scenes. I can’t imagine anyone on the planet ever behaving they way these two idiotic characters behave. It is an hour of my life I can never get back.15


Finding Happiness5 star

This is the first book that I have read by Olivia Sinclair and I could not put it down. This is also the first book in the new ACI Unleashed series. Mia is sweet, beautiful, shy, and she has crush on Alexei, who works in her office but is a man of mystery. When Mia gets a job offer that means moving across the country, she accepts thinking she has no chance with Alexei so why stay put. Several months later, Mia is in Hawaii as part of the war games she has been planning with her friend/boss, Sarah. Once she is at her assigned area, she gets caught in a rainstorm and seeks shelter in a nearby hut. That happens to be where Alexei has been assigned for border patrol. Alexei’s alpha side comes out and takes control. Mia is a little stunned, as this is not the sweet, caring, mild man she knew from the office. But not everything is smooth sailing… I enjoyed how Alexei knew what he wanted and went for it when he found Mia again and he takes good care of her. Then Mia is the strong one, taking care of Alexei after their run in with bad guys. Alexei may be an alpha but he does let Mia decide where they should live. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.55

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