Hitler vs Stalin: The Battle of Stalingrad

Hitler vs Stalin: The Battle of Stalingrad Summary

It was the most decisive battle of the Second World War. It brought the two most ruthless dictators of the 20th Century against each other in an epic clash of wills. It would kill close to 2 million people. And it would introduce a level of vicious street fighting that had never been seen before. 

The Battle of Stalingrad was the most horrendous cauldron of warfare that has ever been inflicted on a city. This book takes you to the front lines, allowing you to experience the battle through the eyes of those who experienced it. Known in history as one of the bloodiest battles of all time, it's a story you will not soon forget.

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Amazing Detail5 star

This book payed amazingly close detail to seemingly small events and the way the author was able to put in nearly the entire war, the preclude to Stalingrad, and the enormous amount of detail about the battle is amazing. The personal writings are impressive. I do think that he may have spent too much time focusing on less important characters early in the book and he didn’t spend much time on Post-Stalingrad and Kursk, but as the book is about the Battle of Stalingrad I don’t think it’s much of a problem. By far one of the best military history books I’ve ever read.55


Good Title5 star

Great book, thoroughly enjoyed reading it.55

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