Only a Fling

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My new boss is a former fighter pilot -- and it should be illegal to be that hot. But this city-boy condo builder doesn't know the first thing about construction in a place like Kasper Ridge, Colorado.

Will hired me to oversee the renovation at the old Kasper Ridge Resort - a job that will make my company and guarantee that Papa can live comfortably to a very old age. I just need to make sure Will Cruz doesn't make any assumptions about my abilities just because I'm a woman in construction. I need to keep my eyes on the prize.

And the prize is not Will Cruz's ocean blue eyes or those rock-hard abs. Besides, all those muscles and that killer smile are temporary distractions. I've lived in the mountains long enough to know that slick city boys don't stick around for the long run.

So I tell myself the things I need to hear to stay strong, hold firm, maintain my distance.

Until Will kisses me one night and I forget pretty much everything I know about protecting my heart.

I know it's only a fling, but what if there's a chance Will Cruz is the one? What if I give him my heart, and he doesn't stay?

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Good5 star



Only a fling2 star

This book makes the lead female so mean that I could only get 4 chapters in. In a romance novel you shouldn’t hate the lead characters because of their insensitivity and rude personality.25


4 stars4 star

Enjoyed the mix of treasure hunting, romance, and creative problem-solving set in the high country of CO.45


Only a fling5 star

It was a very engrossing book. More layers to characters than most books. Left one clue in limbo.55


Only A Fling5 star

What a fabulous start to a series! I adored Will Cruz (Navy call sign Fake Tom aka F.T.) and Lucy Dale. You will have to read the story to see how Will received his call sign. It was hilariously funny. There were some really great scenes here and some touching ones. Some scenes had some very profound life messages as well. Will leaves his dad's construction firm to help out a fellow military brother (Archie - call sign Ghost) and his sister renovate an old resort that they inherited from their uncle. The resort hasn't been in business in a long time and has fallen into disrepair. Archie doesn't have much to pay him with but Will is frustrated with his standing at his dad's firm. Will is to be the foreman on the and he hires a local contractor, Lucy. Lucy has been running her grandfather's (Papa) construction firm for awhile now and she is a straight-shooter. She has to be as construction is considered a man's world. She is fair with her crew and doesn't take any nonsense from men in the business. There is a sub-plot going on here and I can't wait to read more in this series. Apparently the uncle left Archie and his sister parts of a treasure map. The treasure hunt is woven throughout the story. I love it! There are some sexy scenes but they aren't overly graphic in nature nor do they overwhelm the story. But just a word of caution if you don't like that sort of thing, you could skip over it. I truly joyed this wonderful story that brought me to such high and some lows; laughter as well as a few sniffles. I highly recommend this story.55

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