True Hero

True Hero Summary

A one-night fling won’t change anything, right?
After suffering a terrible loss, fighter pilot Zane North walks away from his military career and returns home to start a new life—one he’s determined to control. Instead, he’s confronted by his sister-in-law’s unpredictable best friend, the one woman he can’t ignore.
Hayden Henry, an up-and-coming designer, has devoted herself to her job. She’s had her heart crushed before and isn’t looking to give love another try. Still, she’s always been intrigued by quiet, sexy Zane. So when he rescues her at her best friend’s wedding, she succumbs to one night with the irresistible pilot. But afterward, she realizes her heart isn’t her own anymore. Worse, their impulsive fling has life-altering consequences.
Following Hayden’s baby bombshell, Zane proves steadfast and dependable, so she cautiously lets him into her heart. But she soon realizes his is locked up tight. As she’s contemplating a life without him, a reminder from his past crushes Zane’s hard-won control. Will he keep his feelings safely in lockdown or will he dare to embrace his unexpected love for Hayden?

True Hero is a stand-alone story with a HEA in the North Brothers series, a spin-off of the Hale Street series.

Immerse yourself in the North Brothers' world instantly!

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Laughable1 star

I’m sorry but the moment he brought up the morning after pill and she treated it as if he’s trying to give her hanger to yank out a maybe or maybe not fertilized egg was a bit ridiculous especially when she was already thinking she was automatically pregnant after the condom broke like come on.15


Great story5 star

There’s humor and then there’s the element of surprise and a pregnancy. I loved how the author developed this story and lead a happy ending.55


True hero5 star

Thank you. Such a beautiful story. Loved the interactions with the characters . really enjoyed reading this and would highly recommend it. Loved the fact that the 2 parents ended up getting together, also.55


True Hero3 star

First time reading this author. I liked the characters and the storyline, just not all the sex.35


Amazing!5 star

Read the first one and this one, best books I’ve read in a long time!55

Fiery reigne

true hero5 star

sooo good 5 stars for the whole series55


True Hero5 star

I received a complimentary copy of this book and I am voluntarily reviewing it. I ADORED this book. Two wonderful characters that really touched me. I loved seeing prior characters (the North brothers along with the characters from Hale Street). While this is a part of a series, you don't have to read the prior stories to fully understand and enjoy this one. The plot was engaging and kept me glued to my e-reader. The only downside, it ended. It is a little depressing when a wonderful story like this one ends. It is like saying good-bye to a long-time BBF when it ended. I could have kept reading about them forever. This story is written in my favorite dual POV format. Seeing the characters' thoughts really help me to fully understand them so I can completely identify with them. This is a little risqué.55

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