The Bad Luck Curse

The Bad Luck Curse Summary

Even though James has just celebrated his eleventh birthday and his magical abilities have just awakened, he feels like the most unlucky boy on the planet. He’s not just sulking for no good reason—he is actually cursed with bad luck. It’s hereditary and his family has dealt with their misfortune for generations. With the help of his two best friends and a wise wereparakeet he has just inherited, James is determined to alter his fate and to make the very best of his situation.

Book Reviews

love this! five stars!

Love this book!5 star

I love this book! Just my type! I love how believable it is! It’s not a Cliff hanger book, but you will still wouldn’t be able to put it down55

Tyler Kuehne

The best wizard book5 star

I severely recommend this book to teachers and students. Though I am a student I love The Bad Luck Curse 5/555


Pretty good4 star

The book was so good but it has a lot of errors like “an herb garden“ or “good as knew” other than that it was a great book45

twinkel bella

0w05 star

I love this book I am on book 2... the books are amazing... please make a fourth book... 0w055

Globalstandard Space

Not so bad.3 star

Again. “Power” is not answer. Answer is “HOW TO USE that power”.35

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