The Boy Who Cried Ghost

The Boy Who Cried Ghost Summary

Who knew living in a haunted house would be so cool!

Nine-year-old Peter Dunlap doesn’t particularly like his family’s new house. Sure, his room’s big enough, and he doesn’t have to share a bathroom with his older sister… but he just can’t shake the feeling that the previous owner hasn’t moved out yet!But, being a fan of horror comic books, Peter actually starts to think it’s cool living in a haunted house. Not only that, the ghost actually starts to like Peter! But… does it like Peter too much? So much that it wants to keep him trapped in the house… forever?!

If you like Goosebumpsor a light take on Tales from the Crypt, you’ll love The Boy Who Cried Ghost! From the writer of My Best Friend Is a Secret Agent, this middle grade chapter book is a scary-fun mystery full of chills and thrills for any reader - children, tweens, teens... and beyond! This funny haunted house horror story is the first in the Ghost Town Mystery series, so if you like it, there’s more to come!

(Don't forget to look for the surprise after Chapter 1!)

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Terrible itSuckkk1 star

Delete it!15

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Scram5 star



Not a full book1 star



Awesome5 star

I love it55


The boy who cried ghost5 star

It was an awesome book. there were interesting parts. Timmy thought that the words on the back of the comic were words to redo the ghost house but it was just a plug for the next comic.55

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