Kids vs Songs: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Enhanced Version)

Kids vs Songs: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Enhanced Version) Summary

Have a blast singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with this classic Sing-Along song!

Each book is devoted to a classic, well-know song and is designed to:
Give your child a deep understanding of the tune, story and lyrics.
Occupy your young ones attention for hours, with fun videos and extended songs.
Give your child a step up by dividing the lyrics into easy, readable sentences with matching images.

Sing along to the video at the beginning of the book, then read the lyrics in the rest of the book.

This book is the ideal download for any parent that wants their children to enjoy singing and reading!

Download Kids vs Songs with your child today!

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OMG 😳 omg 😱5 star

Love this book 📚 Love all your books 📚 I am so 😴 sleepy 💤55


Omg the best5 star

This is so good thx for doing this55


Love5 star

Love this book55


I love this book 📖5 star

I love this book (X55437332288)so much.55


I love love love it5 star

Hi I love (x110)it so sleepy 😔😔😔 Love (x1234) Caio55


3 star sorry3 star

3 Sorry35

Itzy mitzy

Love all your books!5 star

We love your book and this one is my daughters favorite! Just one small favor to ask, in the book part there is no page for “and often through my curtains peep”. Can you add it so that the reading story follows the movie/song part. My daughter sings it from memory and ask why there is no page for it. Either way, we love them!55


Shopkins5 star

Shady you hon have55


Kids versus songs5 star

This book was good55


Awesome5 star

This book is awesome.55

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