Piano - Learning Guide

Piano - Learning Guide Summary

A guide to learning the piano and music theory, The Piano Learning Guide is the perfect reference guide to assist your musical studies. 

This interactive ebook features demonstration videos for reading and playing notes, scales, arpeggios and more, as well as over 50 progressive pieces with pre-recorded play along accompaniments. 

Covered in this book:
- Sitting position
- Fingers and keys of the piano
- Reading the musical language
- Note values and time signatures
- Key signatures, scales, arpeggios and broken chords
- Expression and articulation
- Learning methods and exercises 
- Jazz and pop theory

The Piano Learning Guide is designed to be used in conjunction with lessons, home schooling or self-teaching.

Book Reviews


Piano - Learning Guide5 star

Amazing music theory book for kids and adults!55


Excellent and extremely helpful book5 star

This is the best beginning piano book I have ever! I am a longtime guitar player and I looked at at least 50 piano books that were extremely dry and boring, and, I encourage any beginner to try this book because it is a major advancement in making learning music fun and interesting. I only hope this author has more piano books!55

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