Writing the Future

Writing the Future Summary

A look at the creation of Paramore's self-titled fourth album including a story about the album, the band's photos from the studio, a video from the recording session and a review of the band's discography

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YAAYY5 star

Been waiting for something life this😱😍😍55


IPADS ONLY?!?!?!?!?!1 star

thats soo lame! somepeople dont have Ipads! -_- somepeople have Ipod or Iphones like really come on know Apple! i have not had anyproblems with you unstill now! Please Make this for Ipod touch and iphone so EVERYONE CAN READ IT! thanks15


IloveIt5 star

Way Only On Ipad? iLoveyouu<333333355


What's this????1 star

Why only iPads?? I really want to read this book..what's the point if people that do not have iPads can't read this -_-15


iPad only. That was stupid.1 star

Why would you make it so that only people with iPads can enjoy this book? Make it available for iPhone, and it automatically gets 5 stars.15


Can't Read1 star

This book should really be available for everyone to read. What was the point of making it so only iPads could read it? Does every Apple customer have an iPad?15


help please!!!5 star

Well... I really love paramore, and I want this book so bad, but the problem is I DON'T HAVE AN IPAD! How can I read this book without an ipad? I mean... In my ipod, iphone or somewhere else? Please help me! I'll rate it with 5 stars because I really trust with them! thanks!!!55


THANKS!5 star

you guys are awesome for doing this!55

#1 psych fan

IPAD ONLY!!!1 star

I wanna read this! WHY ITUNES?!?15


Great stuff.5 star

This is such a good idea! Thank you guys for doing that much work for us, it really is appreciated it. Loved the books, loved the photos, loved the vid! Everyone is Paramore and nothing hurts. <355

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