`Amanda's War'

`Amanda's War' Summary

The action begins with a subplot - the shooting of an industrialist's bodyguard. The industrialist had been receiving threatening letters from extortionists. After the introduction of the 4 main adult characters - Haakon and Maria Sovant, Pamela and Sergio Molina - all bodyguards who are all ex-CIA agents - we meet young Amanda Molina and her two-year-old brother, Al.

The novel unfolds with narrative in the present and with a few flashbacks into the lives of the main characters.

`Amanda's War' is similar to Robert Altman's film `3 Women,' starring Sissy Spacek and Shelley Duvall, in the sense that both deal with the theme of people changing after traumatic incidents. At the end of `Amanda's War' the reader is left to speculate if Haakon has changed, after a traumatic incident, because of benevolent natural forces or because of malevolent supernatural forces. I'm not saying there's a right answer. I never clarified things. You don't want that! I'm aiming for something which will linger, something which will live on with the reader after he / she finishes the novel. Now if the intoxicating euphoria of the wonderful love is obtained by malevolent supernatural powers, by witchcraft, by sick, twisted sorcery; by hellish, unholy, infernal enchantments, well, that's the sort of love and intoxicating euphoria that will cost a lot: you just know it will come at a hellish price.

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