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Edgar and Shamus Award finalist Ben Rehder's Blanco County comic mysteries have made best-of-the-year lists in Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, and Field & Stream. 

Buck Fever was nominated for the prestigious Edgar Award for Best First Novel. 

Description: It's the week before deer hunting season, as close to a statewide holiday as you get in Texas, and the locals are getting restless. Game Warden John Marlin has his hands full with poaching complaints coming in faster than he can write out-of-season tickets. Then a call of a different sort comes in. A man dressed up in some sort of deer costume has been shot at the Circle S ranch, and witnesses are reporting a massive wild-eyed buck prancing about the pasture in a lovesick frenzy. Marlin's seen a lot in his years, but this is wilder than he could have imagined: the man in the deer suit is a good friend, and the whacked-out whitetail isn't exactly a stranger either. It's the beginning of a mad, frantic weekend in Blanco County, one that will see a few more men shot, an invasion by Colombians with more than hunting on their minds, and damn near the end of Marlin's life. Ben Rehder serves it all up with a huge helping of humor in this debut comic mystery that will firmly establish him as the funniest crime writer in Texas. 


"This debut novel is a complete success, tearing out of Texas chock-full of characters so nutty and events so strange it seems as if they must be real. The writing here is confident and vigorous; the tone is quintessentially Texan and relentlessly wry. There's sure to be a long career for this happy, wacky series." 
—Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) 

"This is a wild and crazy first novel, crowded with weird people, unusual relationships (both animal and human), and frequent humor that will appeal to fans of Carl Hiaasen, Tim Dorsey, and other comic mystery writers. Strongly recommended for most collections." 
—Library Journal (Starred Review) 

"It's been our pleasure to be among the first reviewers to take notice of several writers who eventually became best sellers, including Nevada Barr, Lee Child and Randy Wayne White. Ben Rehder has what it takes to join that group. Imagine Carl Hiaasen with a Texas accent…" 
—Denver Post 

"Briskly paced, amusing, spiced with deftly drawn good-old-boy portraits: an altogether promising debut." 
—Kirkus Reviews 

"…side-splitting…akin to the Tom Robbins style of humor writing." 
—ESPN Outdoors 

"Austinite Ben Rehder's debut novel is the summer's best find. With a nod and a wink to Carl Hiaasen, Rehder comes out swinging with a sardonic Tex-centric look at trophy deer hunters, beer-guzzling poachers, and Game Warden John Marlin—the man charged with keeping them all in line. Buck Fever is too fun to be legal." 
—Texas Monthly 

Book Reviews


Loved it‼️5 star

Easy reading , good story, would recommend for sure‼️55


Buck Fever4 star

Clever and just silly enough!45


Buck Fever5 star

Nicely written. Characters were captured very well and intertwined extremely well. The writing shifted from serious to entertaining and back in a very seamless effort. The characters and their part of the story were portrayed nicely and their actions woven into the overall ease of reading.55


Great read5 star

I really enjoyed this book. The characters were interesting and well described. I learned somethings about deer hunting, money, and politics. Definitely recommend reading this book.55


BUCK5 star

Very good read, couldn't put down! I'm not a hunter but I have family members who are! Enjoyed your book!55


Really fun read5 star

If you're in the mood for a good book that will make you smile and keep you interested, this is your book.55

Maddys mom 2

Loved this book5 star

This is the first book I've read by this author,but it won't be the last. I loved his characters and his style of writing. It is definitely a really good book.55


Wow!4 star

I really enjoyed this book. It is a great story and the twists and turns keeps it moving and interesting. This writers style is so great. The story moves along very smoothly. A little humor, romance and a great story!45

Proper grammarian

Buck Fever5 star

LOVED it! Loved the good guys (+ gals), the bad guys, the sleazy and the bumblers. Some very funny action amid the desperation. Thank you for respecting your work and your readers enough to use proper grammar (aside from the local vernacular), and to proofread thoroughly. Not one error! So many authors today rely only on spellcheck with obvious results.55


Buck Fever5 star

Fantastic story telling! Interesting characters that keep the story moving forward. I downloaded this e book before taking a two hour flight and finished the last page nine hours later! Going to read the rest of the authors novels for sure.55

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