Buried Summary

Buried (book 1, Twisted Cedars Mysteries Trilogy)

In the coastal town of Twisted Cedars, Oregon an ugly secret from the past has been festering for over thirty years when five librarians were targeted by a serial killer. Now an anonymous emailer wants true crime writer Dougal Lachlan to tell the story. To uncover the truth Dougal enlists the help of local Twisted Cedar librarian Charlotte Hammond.  

Since the disappearance of her older sister, Daisy, eight years ago, Charlotte has led a quiet, sheltered life. But as Dougal's investigation proceeds she realizes there is no safe zone. Not even in libraries. And especially not in Twisted Cedars. 

Twisted Cedar Mysteries (a three book trilogy):

Book 1: Buried

Book 2: Forgotten

Book 3: Exposed 

"CJ Carmichael is a seasoned author... and this shows in A Buried Tale. She has written a fluid, easy to fall into mystery and I'm really hoping there will be more books in this series. The first installment in the Twisted Cedar Mysteries was a great read and I can't wait for more." - Cozy Reader

"One of my favorite elements of Carmichael's books is her gripping portrayal of family dynamics."Kathy Altman,USA Today

Book Reviews


Buried5 star

Nice book. Lots of twists. Surprising ending.55


I have feelings3 star

I picked this up because I loved this authors bitter roots series. Idk but this one, while interesting overall, fell a bit flat for me. It also needs editing. From switching up days or length of time, I had to reread quite a bit to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind. There were also a number of mundane descriptions I could do without. That said, I’m curious. I feel invested in these characters life (something Carmichael does well). And while I obviously noticed my share of issues with this one, I’ll probably pick up the next one.35


Entertaining!!!!! Excellent!!!5 star

Good story55


It keeps you guessing4 star

While the plot seemed all too familiar and there was plenty of grammatical errors; overall a good read. The ending however felt rushed and answered some questions, leaving some unanswered.45


Wth5 star

I bought the book by only has 3 chapters I can read55

Chikn legs

Good read4 star

Starts slow but ends well.45


No es coherente, casi pareciera un libro amateur2 star

Disfruto en general de los libros de misterio, pero este es bastante aburrido, no pasa nada hasta las últimas 50 páginas… por otro lado, yo que leo para practicar mi inglés y adquirir vocabulario, hallo que el autor se equivoca gramaticalmente, se confunde de nombres y hasta de pronombres “went to her notes” y hablaba de las notas del protagonista (hombre). Este tipo de detalles y el final tan miserable me dejan con la seguridad de que no quiero leer más nada de este autor: carece de misterio, mística para la escritura, historias emocionantes, no sabe cómo mantener el interés del lector… lo siento, ¡no lo recomiendo!25


Great read!5 star

So well written! Loved every second of this book and looking forward to reading more of this series.55


Buried5 star

Great read , went fast I’m going to keep reading the next books 😊55

Am book reader

Quite good.5 star

It was up as a freebie so I downloaded it. Just got around to reading it and was pleasantly surprised. Well built mystery with believable characters…not a cozy. Kept my interest. Will buy the next one.55

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