Dead Man's Money

Dead Man's Money Summary

 Private Investigators Troy and Eva Winters are thrilled when Troy's sister, Sadie, announces that she and her family are moving to Elk River, only a twenty-five-mile drive from New Haven, where Troy and Eva live. Now, Sadie will be close to her family, and with their support, they can try to help her overcome her debilitating panic disorder of agoraphobia.
    Troy's day of cleaning up the grounds around Cypress Bluff Inn after a storm is suddenly shattered when he receives a cryptic message from his ten-year-old niece, Willow. Her cry for help and the startling message that says, 'the bad guys are here,' sends Troy's distress alarm into overdrive. It doesn't take him long to realize the deadly consequences that lie ahead.
     With Eva out of town, Troy sets out for Elk River on his own with no idea of the danger he'll soon be facing. He's close enough to Willow to know the threat is real, and the urgency in her voice confirms it. Just when a flicker of hope appears, Eva goes missing. Time is not on Troy's side and the clock is quickly ticking down.

Editorial Review:

"Private investigators Troy and Eva Winters are working at their Oregon bed-and-breakfast inn when Troy gets a disturbing voicemail indicating that his sister's family is in danger. Eva has just left town on a new case and finishes up early, but before she can join her husband in finding out what's wrong at his sister's house, Eva investigates on her own and ends up missing. North has a real knack for ramping up the tension and adding plot twists galore that keep the reader guessing."Angela M., Line Editor, Red Adept Editing

Private Investigators Troy and Eva Winters Thriller Series books are listed in chronological order below:

#1 Victim of a Delusional Mind
#2 Dead Man's Money 
#3 Every Last Drop
#4 Her Kill List
#5 No One Heard Me Scream

Book Reviews

Bev teacher

Dead Man’s Money5 star

I couldn’t put it down. I would have liked to know what happened to the money at the end and the man who got it.55

Grandma Fox 85

Dead man’s money5 star

Loved this book and the author. No ugly words. Thank God. Once I get started on a book I will keep reading until I finally fall asleep. This book just happening like that but it should have been a little longer cause I feel like it should. Hahaha. Ole grandma55

Swan rock

Fair5 star

Great story, well written, unless I missed something one error? Said twelve instead of eleven, and then one unanswered question about money.55

diebetic toe fungus

4 star4 star

It has an interesting plot and has a good amount of context. The words are very descriptive and it’s an enjoyable read. Has a very fast beginning and should have started a little slower45


Book5 star

Well written great adventure55


Good crime drama4 star

This was an excellent crime drama set in Oregon, one of my favorite states. I love the coastal areas with the mossy forests and waves you can hear from your tent!45


Wish I could say something nice about this book.1 star

The on,y thing I can think of is that it was a free one. Sorry, but it was badly written, and I just kept flipping through the pages to get to the end. The whole plot was pointless.15


Grest5 star

Great suspense. But left us hanging! Where is the $$??55

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