Dead On Time

Dead On Time Summary

Professor Whit Filmore thought he'd left his life as a detective behind to focus on teaching, but after a personal realization changed his life, he discovered his heightened senses help him pick up on clues that others can't.

Together with his assistant Anna, an empath who is barely scratching the surface of her own talents, Whit travels to Aldridge, a small town in Texas, at the request of an old acquaintance in the FBI. Two girls have gone missing from opposite sides of town, and no one is cooperating. With so many obstacles, can Whit use his keen senses to find the girls in time?

Book Reviews


Dead on time5 star

Must read. Great from start to finish…..55

saundra 14

Dumb4 star

Good read but it jumps back and forth to third person. And improper english. So I had to reread sentences to figure out who was talking. Should have been better proof read. Or its just a sign of the times as with texting. Punctuation and improper sentences structure create confusion.45


Let bed this book.5 star

Great book!55


Awesome!4 star

Loved this book.45


Don’t waste your time1 star

This was a horribly written book I think a kid in 4th grade could have come up with better writing, character development, dialog. Sorry I wasted my time on this.15


Great afternoon read !5 star

Perfect suspense and likable characters!55


Dead on Time3 star

Quick read but suspected the ending about halfway through….35


Can’t wait to read the next book5 star

Easy read, not a bloody and dark story that hunts your imagination for days. I like it.55


Great read5 star

Page turner! I enjoyed the characters55

Avid Reader QC

Quirky detective work pays off5 star

Trusting their instincts, and solid detective work pays off55

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